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.I c●annot guess how, but those letter●s would have been put where they m▓ust be read.He was not one to trip in his p▓lans.


Did you make any attemp▓t to recover your letters She did not ▓answer at once, and glancing at h●er Lyon saw that the agitation ▓which she had been holding bac▓k seemed to have swept her for ●a moment beyond her own cont▓rol.She was trembling so violent▓ly that she could not speak, a●nd only th

e forcible pressure of▓ her slender hands upon the arms of her chair g●ave her s

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teadiness enough to hold her emotio▓ns in check.He turned to the ●light and busied himself for a minute ▓in a critical examinat


ion of the lett▓er.Then he came back to his▓ question--for he was of no mind to let it pa●ss unanswered. Did you ever try to recover● the letters Once, sh●e said, in a very low voice. And yo▓u failed Worse than failed.● She threw out her hand toward the note ▓he still held.Did he not say, living or dead ●Mere death could not interfere whe●n he had set his will upon revenge. Then wh▓oever wrote this note, said Lyon, thoughtfully▓, must have had knowledge of his purposes a▓s well as access to his private desk an▓d knowledge of his personal peculiar▓ities in regard to stamps.Now, Miss Wolcott, yo●u must help me.Who would

be likely to kn▓ow of your letters How▓ can I tell I have hardly seen him for four ye●ars until-- She broke off, leaving the sentence▓ unfinished. Have you spoken of them yoursel▓f to anyone Any girl friend No, neve▓r. To your family No.I h▓ave lived alone with my grandfathe▓r since I was fifteen.You know him▓,--I love him, but he is no confida▓nt for a young girl.I have ▓always been much alone. Then, so far a●s you know, no one could have le▓arned from you of those lett▓ers No one. Not Ar▓thur Lawrence, for instance S●he st

arted, and looked as though he had p●resented a new idea. I never sp▓oke of t

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●which you placed upon the recovery of the▓ letters She looked distressed, but her g●lance was as searching as his own. Why do yo●u ask that What bearing has it ▓on this letter Perhaps none.But I was t●rying to narrow down the possible▓ actors.If you on your part have▓ kept the knowledge of these letters to yo●urself inviolatel


y, then the information about● them must have been given out by Ful●lerton if at all.Do you know an●yone to whom he would be likely to con▓fide such a matter,--any confidant or chu▓m She shook her head helpless▓ly.I know nothing of his friends.My im●pression is that he had very few.He was a s●trange, sol

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